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Do tình trạng thay đổi thất thường không biết khi nào thì bị chặn của FPT nhà mình với WP nên mình đã đổi sang blog mới được một thời gian. Hôm nay hứng chí ngồi coi lại mới phát hiện ra em WP vào được bình thường rồi LOL~ Nhưng mà tiếc cái công chăm chút cho em blog bên blogspot nên đang phân vân không biết phải làm sao. Thừa nhận là so về tính năng thì mình ưa WP hơn. Nhưng mà cứ mấy bữa lại chặn một lần của mạng nhà khiến mình hoang mang TT.TT 
Theo ý kiến của một người ngoài nghề (người mà mình hay hỏi ý kiến về mọi thứ nhất, mami đại nhân của mình) thì với cá tính của mình tốt nhất cứ giữ cả hai lại =)) Thích cái nào thì nhào vô cái đó. Hiện tại thì mình đang chăm chút cho cái kia hơn nên bỏ rơi WP. Thôi thì nếu bạn nào có hứng thú nhảy nhót ngó nghiêng thì lượn qua bên kia nhé. Cảm ơn nhiều.

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[My diary ~ 24/07/2013] My mother…


credit: leggnet.com

There are a lot of people for you to admire. They can be famous or not. That can happen because whenever you try your best, people around will admire you, not only succeed but also your effort.

My mother is the person I admire most in the world. She isn’t tall and doesn’t have a beautiful face. But with me, she is the prettiest woman, not only in outside but also in the inside. She is in the late forties, and when she smiles, you can see the crinkles by her eyes. My mother has a dimple in her right cheek. I think because of that, I have a dimple in the left, like a supplement for her missing. Despite that fact, my friends always laugh when I explain my reason of dimple. My mother is the only one thinks my explanation makes sense. With many people, my mother is a woman has a typical appearance. But in my opinion, her typical appearance is really special.

My mother used to be a soldier. Sometimes you can easily see that she still has specific characteristics of military. She likes getting up early and having exercises to begin a new day. She prefers making everything by herself to asking for help from the others. But she is always ready when I need her. My mother also likes precise time and hates being late for a date or unfollowing a plan.

Now, my mother has retired for 5 years, so she has a lot of time. She often learns how to make hand-made items and new dishes. I like cooking with her because when we cook together, we can have some conservation like friends. Honestly, she seems to be one of my best friends. She can listen to any stupid things of mine, such as about my strict teachers, hard lessons I have to follow and silly loves of my friends. I don’t understand why she could know all my problems until now although I never told her. I think that is specialty of a mother.

I can’t imagine one day, I don’t have my mother stay by my side although I understand that someday, it will happen. But now, I love being with her. She can’t be a famous person with many people admire her but she is the most precious person to admire in my heart.    

P.S: Today is the day for you, mom. I love you so much ❤ Happy Birthday to You ^.^~


Finally! NMB48’s first single of the year!


My little princess is back to senbatsu ^o^ Comgratulation, Keira-chan \^o^/

百合 Goggles

(NMB48) NMB to Manabukun ep07 130523.mp4 - 00041
(NMB48) NMB to Manabukun ep07 130523.mp4 - 00044

So very worth the wait!

130523 HKT48 - Otokyuu (1280x720 H264).mkv - 00008
130523 HKT48 - Otokyuu (1280x720 H264).mkv - 00013

To ship or not to ship? – That is the question!

So, this past week, NaMBa’s version of AKS (I don’t know wtf they call themselves) decided to dump all that they could on us about NMB48’s very overdue single of the year! Being released at this time, we might as well think of it as the only single of the year from them – what with the upcoming krazy half of the year for AKB!

Not only did we get teased with the PV, we got the tease for the dance version, a studio live performance and the full drama PV for Bokura no Eureka – the single’s title! I will be going through the PV later on when I watch the full version as well as the AKB Team PVs but for now, I just watched the Live version from the latest episode…

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My Pure·Thoughts – NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Results


Honestly, I don’t like Kesshou so much. I love Oh My God!!! most. A catchy and lovely song 🙂 But, I like Aina :))

purefuwa | nmbingo!

NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist Top 30 has took place today, April 18th, 2013.

The biggest announcements of NMB’s Request Hour came after the Top 30 was revealed. We got two promotions as both 2nd Gen KKS Koga Narumi (Naru) and 4th Gen KKS Nishimura Aika (Aika) were promoted to Team N. Since there was only 1 open spot in N at the moment (Ainyan hasn’t officially graduated yet), we also got a team member transfer as Yamada Nana (Nana) was transferred from Team N to Team M, which had an open spot available.

Really thrilled for Naru, as her promotion was a long time coming. I can’t say I know much about Aika, but congratulations to her promotion and having the distinction for being the 1st 4th Gen member to make a team. As for Nana being transferred to Team M, I’m still…

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Khụ, hình như theo trí nhớ tồi tàn của Stella thì lần cuối cùng mình lượn vô, Dâm tặc tiên sinh vẫn còn trong top 10 kia mà =.=” Còn cái kết quả thì … *chậc chậc* Thầy Dương hơi thấp so với dự đoán cá nhân. Còn anh Thâm thì …. miễn bình luận luôn. =.=”

P.S: Mới vừa sì pam like một hồi ở nhà ss 🙂 Ss thông cảm em nhá, di động điên điên mất tiêu rồi, không like, không com được gì hết luôn :((

[AKB48 Charity Song] 掌が語ること- Tenohira ga kataru koto


Tittle: Tenohira ga kataru koto – 掌が語ること

Release Date: 08/03/2013

Selected Members:

Download: Official Site

This is a beautiful song, which reminds me about “Sakura no Shiori” and “Dareka no Tame ni?”. I love listening to it and I can’t remember how many times I replayed it. I donated for Japan through AKB48 project in 2011 and 2012. I hope this time, their charity project will continue being success. Besides, I can recognize vocies of Oshima Yuko and Takahashi Minami. I wonder what about my Miichan? Can she come-back as full member of AKB48 soon? 

P.S: AKB48 U-tube channel uploaded new video of their project in 2011 and 2012. I’m really touched. And I can see my Miichan about 4 or 5 times @.@ Finally, there is something about her (although they use the old, but it’s better than nothing.) If Miichan is back in senbatsu and full member, I will join AKB48 official fan club. (Honestly, I bought their CDs but I don’t think about this before. ~.~) 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/E68v5-UtygU&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Vote and vote \^o^/
Honestly, I reblog this one because of Moc Ly Tam ^^
If you read “Dao tinh” (I think English name may be “Love Thief” but I’m not sure), you will understand why ^^